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"We have to go on that one next, we have to!!”
"We’ll go wherever, so long as you don’t make me fall over before we get there!"

Some Disney AU fun! I got inspired after Bri posted her fic, and wanted to try something a little more humorous than the usual stuff I put out.

Anna convinced him to win her a plush earlier in the day, so they have to carry it around, she’s started pinning all sorts of buttons onto his bag and actually managed to plaster a temporary tattoo on his cheek. He wouldn’t budge about the Mickey ears though. But he has to carry the balloons.

Even though you best friends will be there whether you need them or not and your friends are always there for you. It doesnot mean to treasure them any less than your best friends. There are many friends who are there whether you need them or not. Both just love and care for you and shows devotions. Your best friends can tell if something is wrong just by looking at you and that is something i love.

Dedicated to my Best friends , old and new friends and my tumblr bff (lifeisbeautiful150). You know who you are.

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